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Macquarie University Researchers in Business Round Table

Macquarie University Researchers in Business Round Table

December 13, 2016, 1pm to 3pm

Macquarie University, North Ryde Campus 

Macquarie University Researchers in BusinessThis round table brings together members of the university and business sectors to discuss opportunities to incorporate industry-based experience into the PhD training program. Macquarie University recognises the important responsibility to add value through its research framework, World-Leading Research: World Changing Impact, in a context that is responsive to society. The University is committed to attracting the next and brightest to develop the next generation of talented researchers and world-ready leaders. This framework guides the university’s quality research over the next ten years focussing on:

  • Healthy people: Pioneering health, integrated healthcare and lifelong learning for wellness in our ageing world
    • Resilient societies: Understanding cultures in out changing world and building ethical, just and inclusive communities
    • Prosperous economies: Strengthening economic productivity to promote prosperity in our diverse world
    • Secure planet: Sustaining our interdependent world and exploring our place in the universe
    • Innovative technologies: Advancing our interconnected world with frontier technologies, systems designs and creative practice.
  • In conducting excellent, high impact research around these future shaping research priorities, Macquarie aims to realise key research objectives to:
    • accelerate world-leading research performance
    • prepare world-ready higher degree research candidates
    • engage as a world recognised research collaborator of choice
    • deliver research with world-changing impact.

    Industry placements may concentrate on individual skills of value to the business or apply the candidate’s expertise in research. There is no standard model for the program other than securing PhD placements for business that satisfy partner requirements. Each placement will be developed jointly by the parties to suit the particular needs of the business. Desired outcomes will be identified prior to the commencement of the placement and examples include the following.

    Desirable Employer Outcomes •Access to researchers with high level skills who can contribute expertise and new ideas to the firm;
    •Opportunity for business problem-solving and innovation;
    •Future recruitment opportunities
    •Industry development at both national and international scale.

    Desirable Student Outcomes •Capable and confident researchers working with end-users from industry, government and community;
    •Entrepreneurial and business-aware postgraduates;
    •Effective contributors to interdisciplinary research investigations; and
    •Enhanced employability skills and increased competitiveness in the marketplace.

    Desirable University Outcomes •Enhanced postgraduate training program and student satisfaction by iintegrating end-users in scoping PhD research projects and creating active roles in supervision, advising, and mentoring our research students;
    •Students develop a portfolio of business and transferable skills of relevance to our knowledge-based enterprise economy;
    •Broaden research students’ focus on entrepreneurship and innovation;
    •Greater emphasis on research activity that reflects state and national priorities and global challenges.
    •Practical and valuable engagement with employers;
    •Enhanced partnerships in teaching and research.

    Macquarie remains committed to creating a research-enriched learning environment that harmoniously weaves research and teaching excellence together, in a manner that allows our students to learn, develop and flourish as leaders for the future. This research and teaching nexus is central to Macquarie’s core values and strategic ambitions. In just 50 years, Macquarie University has built an enviable reputation for research excellence. University discoveries translate into real improvements for local, national and global communities. Researchers at Macquarie are renowned for their collaboration, working alongside industries, governments, communities, institutions, professions and academic peers who share the desire for discovery to deliver innovative high-quality research with real impact.


    Business/Higher Education Round Table (B/HERT) works to facilitate productive engagement between the sectors and conducts round tables, forums and events to promote collaboration. Many of these discussions have dealt with the employability of university graduates and their work readiness in making the transition to employment. Australia’s research training program is strong and is best illustrated by our research standing among OECD countries. Australia ranks highly in terms of citations and quality of publications which indicates quality research output and international recognition. Yet, in contrast to other countries, Australian research graduates express dismay at their perceived unsuitability for employment in industry. Australia has one of the lowest numbers of researchers employed in business enterprises in developed nations (3 researchers in business per 1000 workers compared to 14 in Finland and 7 in Canada) . Both the federal and NSW governments acknowledge that poor participation of researchers in business is an impediment to innovation and must be overcome for future industries to thrive.


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