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Innovation-based Partnerships

A select group of industry and senior university leaders addressed innovation-based partnership opportunities in the Northern Territory. Charles Darwin University (CDU), the Northern Territory (NT) Government and Business Higher Education Round Table (BHERT) conducted an Innovation-based Partnerships Round Table on Friday 27 October, from 11:00am - 3pm at Territory Room, Ground Floor, Development House, 76 The Esplanade, Darwin. It was a fast-moving and dynamic discussion, which resulted in a slate of new initiatives and opportunities.

The participants recognised the significant partnership activity already in the Territory, and cited good examples of collaboration between industrial partners and the university. Achieving collaborative outcomes is a complex process, subject to many influences. The participants in the Round Table (senior executives from CDU, NT Government, BHERT) discussed how more advances could be made, and new opportunities could be identified, through a structured approach led by industry and supported by CDU and the NT Government. The Round Table also had the support and endorsement of the Northern Territory Business Council.

A ‘smart industry’ and growth theme addressed geographic, trade and scale considerations.

The Round Table examined:

• Leading examples of successful collaboration, and contributing factors to their success;
• Barriers and constraints that prevent collaboration (e.g. resourcing, partner commitment, university barriers, commercial restrictions);
• Opportunities for the university and industry participants to explore and commence new projects;
• Industry challenges requiring innovative approaches to education and research;
• Access for industry leaders to specific research and education portfolios in critical topics;
• Consideration of engagement mechanisms between companies and universities, including the role of commercialisation offices and other intermediaries in improving connectivity to industry.

The agenda can be downloaded here



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