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Guidelines for Advertising on BHERT's Website

February 2016


The Business Higher Education Round Table is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 1990 to facilitate collaboration between universities and businesses. Now in our 26th year, our members include leading Australian universities and major companies. Throughout the year, we host round tables, workshops and an annual prestigious collaborative awards program to celebrate successful partnerships between higher education and industry that contribute to innovation and productivity.

Advertising with BHERT

BHERT has dedicated pages on for employment opportunities relevant to our stakeholder groups in higher education and industry. This initiative is designed to offer a service to members and is open to all website visitors.

BHERT provides a third party service to website viewers and all communications about the post must be directed to the advertising organisation.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the advertisers using the BHERT website:

  1. The Advertiser is responsible to ensure the content of any advertisement:
    1. is not false or misleading and is true in substance and in fact;
    2. does not infringe copyright, trademark, obligations of confidentiality or other legal rights of any third party;
    3. does not contain anything which may give rise to any cause of action by a third party against BHERT, including material which is defamatory or obscene or which otherwise could cause injury or damage to any person;
    4. complies with all statutes, regulations, codes of practice and any standards applicable to the publication of the advertisement; and
    5. complies with these Guidelines.
  2. Advertisements posted on the BHERT website must be complementary to BHERT's mission and stakeholders located at
  3. BHERT is not responsible for any technical interruptions that may occur to BHERT's website.
  4. BHERT will not be liable for any loss or damages (including direct, indirect, consequential, incidental and exemplary):
    1. in relation to the posting or content of any advertisement on BHERT's website;
    2. if BHERT's website is unavailable to third party viewers (by virtue of interruption, suspension or termination) for any reason, including due to computer or communications link downtime attributable to malfunction, upgrades or preventative or remedial maintenance activities; and
    3. for any inaccuracy (including any false or misleading statements) contained in the advertisement.
  5. The Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BHERT, its employees and agents from and against all actions, proceedings, suits, claims and demands brought or made against BHERT by any person arising from or as a consequence of such an action and from and against any damage, loss, cost or expense suffered or incurred by BHERT as a direct or indirect consequence of that action.
  6. BHERT retains the right to review, edit (with the Advertiser's approval prior to publishing) or remove any material in the case of non-compliance with these Guidelines.

Advertisement Specifications

  • Advertisements will be located on a separate dedicated page accessible via the BHERT website.
  • Advertisements placed on the BHERT website will expire after 30 days, unless alternative arrangements are made.
  • Upon advertiser's request BHERT will make up to three changes to the advertisement during the posting period.
  • Adjustments to the advertisement may be made (eg font, colour) to coordinate with the design of the website.
  • The total file size of a job advertisement should not exceed 40kb to ensure it will load quickly in common web browsers.

Advertising Fees and Payment Options

  • Advertisements will be located on a separate dedicated page accessible via the BHERT website.
  • BHERT members' rates - $70 (plus GST); non-member rates - $90 (plus GST).
  • Payment must precede posting. There is a no-refund policy.
  • Payment can be made via EFT and PayPal.

Advertisers must agree to the conditions. For more information, please contact B/HERT on 03 9953 3426 or via email at .

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