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BHERT Events

Banking/Finance Round Table

23 June 2011 - This event saw B/HERT reviving its Round Table program involving business, government, the professional associations and universities to enable a high level dialogue on relevant issues to stakeholders.

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Higher Education Forum

12 May 2011 - KPMG, in partnership with B/HERT, held a Higher Education Forum where university leaders and relevant stakeholders could engage in high level dialogue on topics relevant to all facets of university operations.

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Mining Industry Round Table

6 April 2011 - ICT, Technology, Skills - the Changing Face of Mine Operations and Management...a conversation worth having

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Innovative Australia Summit 2010

11 & 12 October 2010 - "Realising Australia's Competitive Future"

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Sustainability in the Key Professions: Accountancy

30 Sep - 1 Oct 2010 - Standardising, reporting and yielding enhanced corporate sustainability. This inaugural Business/Higher Education Round Table summit explored the advancement of accountancy towards the integration of sustainability performance measurement.

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Sustainability at Work Forum

4 August 2010 - This forum explored the role of education in effectively embedding sustainability into mainstream education, business and community practice. It showcased current best practice examples of what is happening in education and how it impacts on business and community sustainability, and to foreshadow future innovative developments.

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Academic Workforce in Higher Education Round Table

23 November 2009 - The Business/Higher Education Round Table collaborated with Skills Australia, Universities Australia and Professions Australia to host an Academic Workforce Roundtable. The roundtable discussed strategies to resolve the projected shortage of academic staff within the higher education sector.

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Tertiary Sector Round Table

16 November 2009 - In collaboration with the Victorian TAFE Association and RMIT, B/HERT held a second round table on changes to the VET sector in the new education/innovation environment. Entitled 'Modelling the Future', it focused on the emerging VET models in the states and examine the benefits of diversity in both governance and delivery.

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Workforce Australia

23 October 2009 - This forum was co-presented with Victoria University and sponsored by the Dept of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. Industry endorsement came from the Australian Human Resource Institute.

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Karim Temsamani, General Manager, Google Australia & New Zealand

22 October 2009 - As part of B/HERT's Distinguished Speaker Series, Karim Temsamani spoke about the inner workings of Google, including the approach of the company's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

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Innovation 2009 – Translating Research

22 & 23 September 2009 - "Translating Research: New thinking and emerging pathways"

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Developing the Knowledge Economy

4 & 5 August 2009 - This conference discussed the development of the knowledge economy as the preferred solution for improving Australia's overall economy. Business, community, education and government stakeholders came together to promote the significance of knowledge engagement activities—known as the “third stream”—in terms of enriching our culture and our way of life.

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