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Medical Innovation 2009

11 & 12 June 2009 - This event focused on developing solutions to emerging medical challenges and promoting health and wellbeing. Speakers explored issues surrounding medical research, development and commercialization.

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ICT: Making the Connection Summit 2009

22 April 2009 - Presented by B/HERT and the Australian Council of Deans of ICT, this conference focused on ICT education, ICT as an industry sector and the sector’s interaction with higher education.

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Regional Higher Education Engagement Forum

1 April 2009 - This workshop, organised by B/HERT, explored the higher education public policy debate from a regional perspective.

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Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE: When Science Meets Business

16 March 2009 - In a lunch hosted by B/HERT and CEDA, Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE called on business to look beyond consumer gratification and instead use information technology and computer software to breed curiosity and abstract thinking.

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VET Round Table Communiqué

12 March 2009 - This round table was hosted by RMIT in collaboration with the VTA and B/HERT. It focused on the implications of a new tertiary education environment on the VET sector.

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Professor Ian Frazer: New World New Opportunity

10 March 2009 - Former B/HERT Award Winner Professor Ian Frazer spoke at the New World New Opportunity Conference. His address described how this century will see the prevention of chronic diseases through the application of knowledge about risk factors and the development of appropriate risk mitigation strategies.

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Research Partnerships

10 December 2008 - The theme of this briefing was "available funding for industry/reseach collaborations".

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Innovation 2008: The Future of R&D in Australia

9 & 10 September 2008 - Co-presented with Informa, this conference included keynote talks by Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science & Research, and Dr Terry Cutler, chair of the review panel into Australia's National Innovation System.

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Building Tomorrow's Engineers

20 February 2008 - This engineering symposium considered topics such as economic sustainability, industry sector employee retention and the nexus between supply and demand. These issues were considered from both a government and an industry perspective.

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The Business Graduate of Tomorrow Conference

14 March 2007 - This conference provided educators, employers, industry associations and government representatives with the opportunity to analyse what attributes Australia's future business graduates will require in order to progress Australian enterprise.

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Higher Education Summit

7 June 2006 - This summit invited participants to consider what the higher education sector may look like in the not too distant future. The main topics discussed were quality, diversity, regulations and research.

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Philanthropy Summit

17 May 2006 - This summit was an opportunity for those involved in philanthropy to hear, engage and speak with others working in this specialised field. The topic of the day was "Partnering tomorrow's universities and philanthropy, a critical source of income".

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