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Cisco invests $7.5M with Australian Universities

By Christopher Goldsworthy, BHERT


Global IT firm and BHERT Member, Cisco Systems Australia announced at its 2018 Cisco Live conference that it would invest $7.5M in new university programmes. The funding will be rolled out over three years and will assist Cisco in identifying and investing in projects in technology innovation, cybersecurity training and the operation of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. This announcement by Cisco supports a number of their university partnerships and illustrates how Cisco is at the forefront of university business collaboration.

Cisco is part of a world-leading IoT partnership with SAS and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The partnership will create a new research and teaching facility, the UTS-SAS-Cisco IoT Innovation Lab. The lab will integrate SAS analytics, Cisco hardware and software, and UTS expertise in data engineering. The intent is to gather, store and analyse data generated by the IoT i.e., connected devices. The sectors of manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare will be primary targets given their high levels of data generation. A first-off practical application of the lab will be to capture data from 3,000 IoT sensors located around the UTS faculty of Engineering and IT in a bid to assist the university reduce energy usage and costs. Cisco will be contributing $2.4M of IoT technology to the lab. For more information visit

Cisco is a founding member of the CRC for Cybersecurity based at the Edith Cowan University. The CRC will have 25 industry, research and government partners and will receive funding of $89M from its partners, as well as government funding of $50M over seven years. The CRC will focus on three key areas – security of critical infrastructure, trusted accessibility of online services, and skills training of cybersecurity professionals. For more information visit$50m-cyber-security-crc-open-for-business-to-close-down-cyber-criminals

Cisco is partnering with Flinders University through the Flinders Cisco Academy. The academy is working with Flinders in developing digital health and cybersecurity services, as well as providing training/courses in the areas of network and cybersecurity systems. For more information visit

Similarly, Cisco partners with the Australian Technology Network (ATN) through each of its member universities. RMIT, UniSA, Curtin, UTS and QUT, all have well established partnerships with the company and through in-house Cisco Network Academies offer students access to the Cisco technology ecosystem through a range of industry-based practical learning opportunities. For more information visit

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