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Global Talent Scheme: BHERT calls for visa alignment

By Peter Binks, BHERT


BHERT lauds the Australian Government scheme, the "Global Talent Scheme" announced in March (see: The Scheme allows Australian startups to attract and retain key talent vital for their growth. BHERT, like several of its key Members, asks that alignment between different visa schemes is considered in its implementation.

Wes Sonnenreich, Co-CEO of education technology provider Intersective, has proposed alignment between the work experience provision of post-study visas, and the Global Talent Scheme visa entry requirement.

The proposed requirement for intake to the Global Talent Scheme is three years of relevant work experience for international graduates from Australian universities. Many graduates find work with startups on a two year post-study visa, but cannot extend from there.The one year gap is not covered by current visa arrangements.

This means that a startup wanting to hire a graduate under the new visa will miss out on key international graduates; many who have gained 2 years’ work experience would be unable to secure a bridging visa for an extra year. A matching period – say two years of work experience as an entry condition for the Global Talent Scheme, supported by the current post-study visa - would ensure visa and work experience match together.


Intersective is a fast growing experiential education company that believes experiential learning is a critical enabler for helping organisations and people accelerate the development of real world skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

In Australia, Intersective's platform for experiential learning, Practera, sits behind large scale programs building innovation,В and links tens of thousands of students from Australian Universities with hundreds of employers like the NSW and Victorian Governments, EY, IAG, Deloitte and many startups. Corporations like Westpac St-George Bank and Laminex have used the Practera software to helpВ integrate newВ employees, embed learning and support major change initiatives.

In the last 12 months, Intersective has been recognised as a 'Westpac Business of Tomorrow', an 'EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs Asia-Pacific' winner, was backed by Jobs for NSW and was announced as one of the first investments for Main Sequence Ventures, the CSIRO innovation fund. In 2015, Intersective and its collaborating partners were an honourable mention for the BHERT Best Higher Education and Training Collaboration Award for its EY Asian Growth Initiative.

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