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BioFuel from Desert Plants: JCU drives growth in arid regions

By the BHERT Media Team

6 February 2019

There is an exciting future for Agave in our country, providing biotechnological solutions towards making biodegradable materials and composites, and low cost industrial sugars. The agave industry for biofuels will boost employment in rural Australia and provide alternative crop options to Australian farmers in drought-prone areas.


The ConocoPhillips Science Experience: a nationwide STEM outreach program

By Peter Binks, BHERT


A long-running STEM program supported by a major international energy firm and Rotary clubs, involving 35 Universities, is encouraging high school students across Australia to pursue science careers.


Flinders University – providing a robotic hand in developing Australia’s future factories

By Yaz Dedovic, Media Advisor, Office of Communication and Engagement, Flinders University


The state of the art Tonsley Manufacturing Innovation Hub (TMI) at Flinders University is driving practical and research opportunities into the role of advanced robotics in manufacturing systems, with the support of the South Australian Government and the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC).


Flinders University - developing the next generation defence workforce and technologies

By Karen Ashford, Director of Media and Communications, Flinders University


Flinders is forging a defence-oriented strategy and cross-disciplinary approach to key growth industries including maritime engineering, nanotechnology, energetics, forensic and analytical science, robotics, systems engineering, control and imaging and cybersecurity.


Data Fusion: Bringing geoscience and advanced data analytics together for mineral discovery

By Peter Binks, BHERT


UWA’s Geodata Algorithms Team will apply their expertise to data analytics and data mining research projects in collaboration with Rio Tinto for mineral exploration.


Bosch and Monash University announce major partnership in agriculture

By Peter Binks, BHERT

1/24/2018 12:00:00 AM

A new facility described as an ag-tech launch park has been opened by the two parties in South-East Melbourne, complete with a prototype smart farm to research innovative new farming procedures. Monash University's Ken Sloan tips agricultural technological advancement as, the next big growth industry for Australia.


IBM and University of Melbourne research in AI pushes frontiers in epileptic seizure prediction

By Peter Binks, BHERT


In Australia, 250,000 people have been diagnosed with epilepsy, with 3 percent to 3.5 percent of the population expected to experience the condition at some point in their lives. Researchers from IBM and the University of Melbourne have developed a proof-of-concept seizure forecasting system that predicted an average of 69 percent of seizures across 10 epilepsy patients.


First international university table for corporate engagement: University of Melbourne ranked 48

By Peter Binks and Christopher Goldsworthy, BHERT


The University of Melbourne is the only Australian university ranked in the top 50 of scientific institution, Nature's list of leading universities for bilateral partnerships.


CSIRO invests in Edtech startup, Intersective

By Christopher Goldsworthy, BHERT


Australian firm Intersective, a BHERT member, is one of the first to receive funding from CSIRO’s investment fund, Main Sequence Ventures. The new funds will be used to extend and enhance the capabilities of their Practera platform, which provides a toolkit for educators to manage a range of experiential learning programmes like internships, cross-functional projects, accelerators, mentoring and skills micro-credentialing.


Optus Business and La Trobe University in 10 year cybersecurity partnership

By Peter Binks and Christopher Goldsworthy, BHERT


A strategic alliance between La Trobe University and Optus Business has led to the development of cybersecurity courses that provide work-integrated learning and employment pathways for La Trobe graduates.


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