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There is a Future: Smart Manufacturing
BHERT News #32: January - June 2014

Smart Manufacturing in Australia

There is an important place for manufacturing in the Australian economy despite its declined over the past two decades. We hope that you find the real life stories of Australian manufacturing companies who are making their mark in a global marketplace, challenging, interesting, and educational but most of all, inspiring.


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Bill Scales

President's Message
Bill Scales, AO, President BHERT

While the proportion of Australia's GNP devoted to manufacturing has rapidly declined over the past two decades, this decline should be considered in the context of the steady growth of other sectors such as services and mining and mining related activities. Notwithstanding this change in the proportion of our GNP devoted to manufacturing, for the foreseeable future, there is an important place for manufacturing in the Australian economy.


Alan Lipman

Australian Manufacturing: Creative and Cutting Edge
Alan Lipman, Managing Director, K Care Health Equipment

Read, watch or listen to the news these days and you could be forgiven for thinking that manufacturing in Australia is, if not actually dead, then tucked up in Intensive Care and on life support. It’s true that some sections of manufacturing are doing it tough, but to lump together all the industries that make up a vast and varied sector gives a warped and negative picture of the Australian economy while ignoring the success of organisations like mine – K Care.


Peter Robinson

Smart Manufacturing: Positioning for Advantage
Peter Robinson, Innovation Services Manager, QMI Solutions

Manufacturing is transforming and in Australia, as in many other high cost economies, Smart manufacturing will be the way of the future. This presents both significant challenges and opportunities for those businesses ready to embrace the changes. To succeed may require a complete disruption to current business practices and systems and management commitment to the level of change required.


Paul Bastian

Reaching a Smart Dynamic Manufacturing Future
Paul Bastian, National Secretary, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

While the world has changed and we are now hurtling into an information age, manufacturing remains at the heart of both technological development and economic growth. Manufacturing, especially in its advanced and global form, is the most advanced, high-tech sector of any economy and as such is the incubator and generator of new innovation, technology, processes and products and a crucial support to these advances being taken up by other sectors. A broad, advanced and internationally linked manufacturing base is central to maximising our growth potential across the global economy.


Frank Seeley

Leadership and Imagination
Frank Seeley, AM, Executive Chairman, Seeley International

Founder and Executive Chairman of Seeley International, Mr Frank Seeley AM, knows what it takes to transform a unique idea into a thriving business. Under his leadership, Seeley International has gone from strength to strength and is today Australia's largest manufacturer of heating and cooling systems for the domestic, commercial and industrial markets, with an enviable reputation as an innovative market leader.


David Morton
Philip Lesley

Open Industrialisation
David Morton, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University and Philip Leslie, Technical Lead with Monash University, GSK

Manufacturing and jobs: very topical and rarely out of the news! But, news is too often of frustration and failure.

Recent debate in the media and in government is divided over state support, and not optimistic. What will future Australians do? Should Australia be supporting strategic manufacturing business, despite apparently negative prospects?

Our ongoing partnership in Australian pharmaceutical manufacturing tells a very different story and a story that is not often heard – a success that goes against such common perceptions. This article provides our shared perspectives – the inside story of a new and innovative alliance.


Michael Edwards

Global, Local and Growing
Michael J Edwards, General Manager, Research and Technology, Boeing Australia

Boeing continues to find real value in Australia. Our investment in innovation to support the growth and productivity of our local Boeing business units has spanned over 87 years and takes advantage of a highly-skilled workforce, world-class universities and innovative research organisations. We understand that Australia will never be a low cost destination for manufacturing, and as such, focus our efforts on achieving best value as a global enterprise.



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