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Cybersecurity: A World without Borders
BHERT News #36 - July-Dec 2016


A recent survey reported that over 60% of organisations had been breached in 2015. This suggests that all organisations, no matter their size need to have a cyber incident response plan in place. In this issue of The BHERT News we invited experts in the field of cybersecurity to offer their knowledge on how you can shape your organisation's actions to the ever-changing digital landscape.


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Ken Boal

President's Message
Ken Boal, President BHERT

All of us understand what function a deadlock on a door performs, but very few of us would know what role a firewall plays in the world we now live in. It is the responsibility of all, from board directors through to front-line staff to have a fundamental understanding of cybersecurity and what constitutes best practice.


Andrew Gordon, PwC

Are You Prepared for a Cyberattack?
Andrew Gordon, Partner, Cyber and Forensics Team,
PwC Consulting Australia

Cybercrime is growing both in frequency and sophistication. From leaked customer payment details to the theft of intellectual property, chances are that one day your organisation will be the target of an attack. Without an adequate plan, businesses face greater disruption or loss if they're hacked. Andrew Gordon discusses the options and what constitutes best practice in dealing with the many facets of a cyberattack.


Tim Lane
Anne Kealley, CAUDIT

Cybersecurity Threats and Responses in the Australian Higher Education Sector
Tim Lane, Chair, CAUDIT Cybersecurity Community of Practice Manager, Client Services and Cybersecurity Southern Cross University, and
Anne Kealley, Chief Executive Officer, Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT)

Digital assets and identities make universities attractive targets. Higher education in the USA is now the third most commonly attacked sector; it is anticipated that Australia will follow this trend.

For universities to defend themselves, a considered and strategic approach involving embedding of cybersecurity in the business and embracing Australia's new Cyber Security Strategy is essential.


Mike Burgess, Telstra

Are You Asking the Right Cybersecurity Questions?
Mike Burgess, Chief Information Security Officer, Telstra

By asking the right questions of both your organisation and your existing data you can appropriately manage the business risk of cybersecurity. But what are the questions you should ask and what should you be looking for?


Amo Brok, AISA

Is There a Cybersecurity Skills Gap?
Amo Brok, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Information Security Association

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, yet we see sites being compromised because their owners didn't have even the basic security controls in place. Is this because of a lack of understanding, a shortage of experienced cybersecurity professionals, a lack of training or a lack of funding? This article explores each of these interconnected issues, suggesting some means to tackle the problem nationally and internationally.


Tim Lane
Anne Kealley, CAUDIT

Internet of Vulnerable Things
Dr Surya Nepal, Principal Research Scientist CSIRO Data61, and
Dr Liming Zhu, Research Director of Software & Computational Systems programme CSIRO Data61

The Internet of Things (IoT) is regarded as the next wave of computing revolution. Billions of "things" connected through the Internet changes the way organisations, governments and individuals interact with the physical world.

Unless proper safety and security measures are taken on time to address the potential risks associated with cybersecurity threats, the IoT will become an "Internet of Vulnerable Things". IoT security and safety is one of the key research challenges within CSIRO Data61's cybersecurity strategic research objectives.



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