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BHERT Member: APR.Intern

Australian Postgraduate Research (APR) Intern (formerly AMSI Intern) is playing a critical role in bringing 21st-century skills into Australian industry.

APR.Intern has partnered with the Australian Government to deliver a $28.2m internship program, aimed at increasing university and industry collaborations through the placement of 1,400 PhDs into three to five-month industry internships by 2020.

A new government rebate of 50 per cent on the cost of an internship will aim to create and cement ongoing industry and university research opportunities. Businesses gain access to affordable expertise through the PhD and academic mentor team, while the students gain invaluable experience in an industry setting.

university and industry collaborations through internships

These placements will prioritise domestic students, with a focus on equity and engaging women in STEM as well as regional, indigenous and the disadvantaged. The APR.Intern program caters for PhDs of all disciplines and links with all industry sectors.

A not-for-profit program, APR.Intern (formerly AMSI Intern) has been working at the nexus between industry and universities since 2007, connecting PhD students and their academic mentors with businesses through short-term, tightly focused research projects.

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