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BHERT Member: Business Council of Australia

The Business Council of Australia (BCA) is an industry association that comprises the chief executives of more than 100 of Australia's biggest corporations. It was formed in 1983 by the merger of the Business Roundtable – a spin-off of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia – and the Australian Industry Development Association. The organisation is headquartered in Melbourne with offices in Sydney and Canberra.

The BCA works to represent the business community of Australia, giving the business community a voice in public policy debates about the direction of Australian society. It formulates its policies within ten agenda areas, which broadly cover the risks and opportunities Australia faces.

It has taken key positions on taxation, workforce and regulation issues, health, education, infrastructure, energy and climate change.

The BCA has close ties to BHERT; BHERT was formed by a group of BCA Directors with interested Vice-Chancellors in 1990, and BHERT’s operations were initially modelled on BCA’s processes. A strong and mutually beneficial working relationship has been sustained for the last 27 years.

Innovation figures highly on the BCA policy agenda, and the BCA has identified its priorities for economic growth and job creation in Australia. In advocating better collaborative ties between universities and industry, the BCA in its report (Building Australia’s Innovation System, 2014) recommended government funding via the ERA Initiative, the Researchers in Business program and the use of organisations such as NICTA (now Data61) and ATSE to provide Australian impact, engagement and research translation metrics.

More recently, the BCA and BHERT coordinated their perspectives in response to Innovation and Science Australia’s Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation strategy (February 2018).

Business Council of Australia

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